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the “i’ve learnt” entry

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

i’ve learnt that you must know yourself first so that your environment aligns perfectly with your intrinsic self.

i’ve learnt that you can survive when it aches, and it feels like God isn’t there (HE is).

don’t be afraid.

i’ve learnt that you can survive anything that will be thrown your way in this human experience.

don’t be afraid.

i’ve learnt that the anxious mind is a trickster, and you must remember that it isn’t you.

i’ve learnt that if you put your whole heart and will into something, with faith, it’ll come to life.

i’ve learnt that you need to leave the past where it is, but carry the lessons forward.

i’ve learnt to love in abundance, but to be wise with all your dealings.

i’ve learnt to appreciate every small experience that brings laughter. try and adopt the gratitude mindset.

i’ve learnt to accept everyone as they are because to try and change them is the beginning of suffering.

i’ve learnt the importance of good communication— it’ll save you from regret.

i’ve learnt that when something falls, without the right ground to catch and nurture it, it’ll only find itself deeper in a pit with its broken pieces.

i’ve learnt the importance of reflecting on how your own hand can create and find itself in the muddy area.

i’ve learnt that i’ve actually never lost anything— i’m not in lack; i’m in abundance.

i’ve learnt that you MUST forgive everything. this one i learnt the hard way because i thought avoidance equated to forgiveness. wrong.

forgive so that you will not taint others.

i’ve learnt that loneliness can feel like a drunken moment if you go and lie with the wrong people.

i’ve learnt to always remember that God always chooses you, and this fact should help you sail through any storm.

i’ve questioned the topic of faith this year for me and for so many others.

i don’t have all the answers, but it’s all that matters. it’s all that matters because when you return within yourself, it’s there.

you don’t realise, but it’s what keeps you standing. it’s the only thing that i’ve echoed through every entry. it’s all i want to echo. it’s all i can fall back on. it’s all that stays. it’s all that never changes.

again, it’ll be different for everyone but remember to repeat to yourself who you want to be— who you are at the very core.

if i could summarise this into one line for you all:  “this too shall pass”

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