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diary entry six

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

i see beauty in the way people find each other, the way they become intertwined and make lasting impressions.

to become so enthralled and invested in something other than yourself.

you let it peek into your most intimate parts and this is where you're the most vulnerable.

with this one, the worst and lustrous images of you are openly exposedas i said, the most vulnerable you'll ever be.

in this therapy-needed generation with mastered personas and blank mind syndrome, you're wary.

we let each other downcheating and deceiving.

millions of lyrics are written about this love and you have them tattooed, encrypted and your silhouette dances, in tune, and never out of step with the one opposite you.

your laughter is real and reverberates with the pulse close to your ear.

you wish you could be certain but even without confirmation, you know.

you're familiar with the feeling because you once doodled your names on paper and promised to be twisted forever.

imagining the same feeling now... the joy of a woman expecting and hearing the first heartbeat of the child to come.

you look at your table— few, but with ones who remained steadfast.

and as the song plays, and the enchantment of new beginnings fades away, you can only trust partially, but still trusting that they will still be there when it ends.

you're prompted to remember the cause of the original separation from Him that sees all. and we, following the paths of our forefathers, who rejected the One who knitted and cradled— rejection is a possibility.

and when those at the table forget the tinted view, from the rose glasses they once wore, you have Him; He crowns your head and will always see you for the royal diadem you are.


edited by: shabz

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