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diary entry eight

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This is the first entry that is completely and utterly about Him. The one thing that changed over the years was my view of Him, and when I reached that landmark, I blossomed.

You were the light when the candle flames grew weak and the ideas ingrained fell apart, as I landed on foreign ground.

You showed me who I really was when the world wanted to conceal the beauty of your perfect creation.

You shaped the moon and stars, our great architect, but your eyes never left me—the apple of your eye.

You were the comfort when the nursery rhymes grew quiet and the wicked men laughed. He knew exactly what to say to my spirit when my soul held all the weight and the burden felt heavy— "my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

You were the only one who sat down with me in the late hours to challenge the lies the child in me once believed.

You were patient with all the rough edges and the splatters on your very own canvas.

Your words are like purified gold—sure, rich, and faultless. So even when the storms attempt to exalt themselves, I know your promises never fail.

You know your plans for me in those storms because your wisdom is infinite.

Being with You is trusting when tragedy calls and they tell you there’s only limited time.

You were my life when the map and sketched co-ordinates began to tear and the pieces seemed to not fit so perfectly anymore. But you have always been in control of all the future plans and prospects.

I tried to manoeuvre the maze on my own but the walls grew in stature and my zeal grew faint. You continue teaching me, like the good Father you are, to unclench my fists and take your hands.

The tears can be heavy when I contemplate your Ahava and that single one you never left behind.

Do not be confused by the “weres”. He still is, and will be forever. And His voice echoes "I see you; I hear you."


edited by: shabz

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